Sub Rosa is a podcast about security, human rights, conflict, and law, with an Australian and Southeast Asian focus.

Each episode we interview a guest with in-depth knowledge or interesting experiences in these areas.

Sub Rosa is hosted by Kate Grealy and Andrew Zammit.


Kate Grealy has worked for government in counter terrorism and crime prevention, and in the non-government sector in Pakistan and Indonesia. She is currently studying political violence in Indonesia and blogs at http://kategrealyriadi.com

Andrew Zammit has worked as a researcher at Monash University and Victoria University and published widely on issues of security, terrorism and human rights. He currently works for Australian Policy Online at Swinburne University, is studying political violence at Melbourne University, and blogs at http://andrewzammit.org

Contact us at subrosapodcast@gmail.com

The introduction track, titled Heartburn, was written by Kate Grealy © 2011.

The header image of the Jakarta skyline was taken from Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license, and had been originally posted to Flickr by user Yohanes Budiyanto.

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